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Address: Suzhou City, the city of Caohu Industrial Park Lake Village Road on the 12th

Contact: Mr.Yu
Tel: 0512-67599416
Mobile: 13912603808
Fax: 0512-65564669

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Suzhou factory headquarters in Shanghai office
Tel: 0512-67599416 Tel: 18551289988
Fax: 0512-65564669 Contact: Lan Xingmiao
Mobile: 13912603808 Address: Qingpu District, Shanghai Chonggu Town, Zhao Road, 2555 Lane
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Address: Suzhou City, Caohu Industrial Park Lake Village Road on the 12th
Shandong Office of Zhejiang Office
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Garden three (near Xiamen high-speed railway station)
Beijing Office Chengdu Office
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 Guangdong Office Chongqing Office
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Address: Panyu District, Guangzhou City, prosperous Road Address: Jiulongpo District of Chongqing high-tech electrical and mechanical market
Jiangnan Garden
 Suzhou Oshida traffic route summary
First, the customer self-driving routes:
On the Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed (G42, G2) direction to open, and then turn the Suzhou Expressway (S9) to Huang Tai direction to open, in the Huang Tai high-speed exports down, the toll station in front of the first traffic lights turn left into Tai Dong Road , Tai Dong Road has been looking forward to Yongchang Road left turn, and then open, see the lake village turn right turn 300 meters that is to.

Second, the Suzhou Railway Station - Suzhou Oushida
From the train station to take the 72 road, 821 bus to the Caohu Industrial Park, the United States and get off the group, and then walk 200 meters south to the Ou Shida company.
Third, the high-speed rail line - Suzhou Oushida
Suzhou North Railway Station high-speed rail exports out to take a taxi to Ou Shida company, the traffic is very convenient, the whole about 6 km.

Fourth, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport - Suzhou Oushida
Domestic customers arrive at Hongqiao Airport after the airport there will be to the high-speed rail station in Suzhou Motor and airport shuttle bus, take the car to Suzhou high-speed North Station about 19 minutes, the car about 70 minutes.

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Address: Suzhou City, the city of Caohu Industrial Park Lake Village Road on the 12th
Tel: 0512-67599416 Mobile: 13912603808  Contact: Mr.Yu
Fax: 0512-65564669